About Us

Server Rack Singapore (Server-Rack.sg) is the brainchild of Absolute Computing Pte Ltd.

With years of experience in supply, install and support on IT equipment and infrastructure, Absolute Computing Pte Ltd realize there have not been enough consistent branding, range, service and pricing structure related to corporate IT infrastructure. Hence, launching an online store to plug the gap, providing Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Corporations and governmental institutions a reliable and consolidated platform to make informed decisions.

In an ever-evolving IT landscape, new IT products require new methods of deployment. IT Equipment Racks (server rack in short) plays a part in this environment to assist business owners reduce footprint, new complementing products to accommodate current and scalable IT backbone infrastructure. We believe customers prefer to buy from reliable sources, timely deliveries, fair and competitive prices, and an absolute commitment to after-sales service and ready technical support.

Server-Rack.sg focuses on products and accessories related to Server Rack, Equipment Racks (i.e. Server, Storage, Network Racks, Cabinets, Enclosure, and Frames). We endeavour to provide a wider range of brands and choices at reliable prices, from worldwide to Singapore-branded products.

We provide a 2-prong approach in our supply chain. Customers may order online in quick fashion, or they may choose to communicate with us directly, assisting clients in the configuration of products appropriate for their business scale.

We do provide overseas shipping and installation options for deployment of IT Server Rack. We hope to make a difference in your purchasing decision.

Partnering with :
Emerson VAR - Server-rack.sg